Why Us?

We are a family business which has a focus on building quality homes and exceeding client expectations.  Having been involved in residential construction for over 30 years, has given us invaluable experience and the opportunity to work with many clients on a variety of projects.   From architectural homes to multi unit developments with each project having its own challenges.
 Our passion for not only building but also living more sustainably has driven us to constantly review and upgrade our knowledge regarding building more sustainable homes which are improving the way people live.  Building for the long term to ensure cost savings well into the future.  We recently achieved a maximum, 10 star energy efficiency score card certificate for a large custom build.
Difficult design details are looked at as challenges to overcome rather than problems to avoid.  Providing customised solutions to many various projects providing for satisfied client.  Preferring to concentrate on only one or two large projects at a time allows us to maintain the quality our clients expect.
We won't pressure you but rather want you to be certain that we are the right partner for you.