Pre Construction

Expected Outcomes of Pre Construction

The main outcomes of pre construction can provide include the scope, schedule, and estimated cost of the project.  Having all these elements accurately outlined give the client the necessary expectations going into construction.  The process also helps to make sure the project is feasible before issues are encountered along the way.  As a precaution, a post construction phase is commonly used, which also ensures issues are taken care of after the pre construction and building phases.

Benefits of Pre Construction

Pre Construction offers a number of benefits to both the clients and contractors.  Pre construction can remove a lot of the unknown variables for the client and give them a clear picture for what the project is going to look like, how it is going to get done, and when it will be completed.  The contractor should also present potential options for further savings, which are an obvious benefit to the client.  Being able to evaluate all possible scenarios, up front gives the client confidence that the contractor they are working with knows what they are doing, and having realistic expectations helps to avoid issues while the project is underway.   It's a real win, win for everyone involved.

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How Much Does Pre Construction Cost?

Pre Construction costs will depend on the scope of the project, the location, and more, but will usually be somewhere in the range of one to three percent of the total cost of the project.  The cost of Pre Construction is a seperate fee from the construction cost, as it comes before a bid for the actual construction is even in place.  But as we mentioned above, the potential savings it can provide in addition to the peace of mind make pre construction well worth it.